Log #69 – Drug sales via detours

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In order to sell my load of drugs, I had to make a detour. It became a tough test for my nerves.

The voice was cold and metallic. She said I was in the wrong place. I looked aside. A guy in a combat suit was standing next to me. Was it a bounty hunter and me his prey? A shiver ran down my back. I put my hand on the handle of my knife. For days I have been trying to sell my drugs in GrimHex with moderate success. And now the guy suddenly appeared. I really couldn’t use any more problems.

But he had a tip for me. I should try to sell the drugs on the planet Hurston. At Reclamation & Disposal Orinth the demand would be significantly higher than in GrimHex. I was surprised. There was still helpfulness among crooks. My situation couldn’t get any worse. So I flew to Hurston to sell my load of drugs there.

Reclamation & Disposal Orinth was a junkyard. It wasn’t my first time here. It was not a safe place. It was easy to get ambushed. Before landing I scanned the area for other ships. I seemed to be alone.

I ran to the main building in the dark. I entered my offer in the terminal. And indeed, half of my load was bought for a good price. It was checked whether there was any further need. I should wait so long.

I paced the building like a nervous tiger. The review was ongoing. Suddenly light came in through the window. Was it the lights of another spaceship? I was afraid that my ship and the rest of the drugs could be destroyed. I ran outside. At first I couldn’t see anything. Then I saw a glimmer of light behind one of the junk heaps.

The situation was too dangerous. I ran to my ship and started. I hovered a few meters above the junkyard and scanned the area. The scanner showed nothing. Was I wrong? I was sure I saw a light. I landed again and went back to the building.

I still had to wait. No other drugs have been bought yet. I went outside and looked nervously at the sky. Then I went back in and looked at the terminal. It went like this a few times, out, in, out and in again.

Finally, the rest of my drugs were bought. I went to my ship with relief. I left the planet Hurston with an empty cargo hold and a full account.