Log #68 – Catastrophic drug deal

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A supposedly lucrative drug deal turned into a disaster.

The security forces in Stanton were so busy with pirates that pilots without Crimestat could hardly be checked. The opportunity seemed to me favorable to supply drugs again. The demand had dropped, but the profit was still high. Since the risk of being controlled was low, I was able to fly to different stations to sell the delivery.

I got what I wanted on Lyria. 20 SCU E’tam and 8 SCU Neon. In order to find the laboratory easily, I took an order to dispose of waste. I was a little nervous. The drug wars had subsided, but I didn’t feel safe. I hurried to get away as soon as possible.

First I flew to the R&R at CRU-L4. I had heard there was a black market there. I had never been there before and wandered around the big station until I finally found the black market terminal.

I was curious how much they wanted to buy. I could not believe my eyes. They bought the full load. Everything, completely. I knocked on the terminal to make sure it was working properly. Then I patted my helmet to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. No doubt everything was bought.

Full of enthusiasm, I made my way back to the laboratory. I bought another batch of drugs. When I closed the transaction it hit me in the stomach. I got sick. My account was almost empty. Where was my money Had I been hacked again? Something was wrong.

I flew to the R&R CRU-L4 again. Again the demand was high enough to sell everything. But this time I paid more attention to what was on the screen. My mouth stayed open. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. The selling price was far below my purchase price. I had bought E’tam for 85 per unit. I could only sell it for 23 per unit.

Greed had blinded me. I had sold my first batch at a massive loss and hadn’t noticed it. I couldn’t sell here. I would be almost broke. I was sitting there now. The account was almost empty and the cargo hold was full of drugs.