Log #67 – Medical Supplies for Microtech

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A medical supplies delivery became an underground campaign.

There was still an epidemic on Microtech and New Babbage was still under quarantine. I wanted to help the people there. I didn’t know why, maybe because I liked the planet so much. I flew to the Deakins Research Outpost on Yela and bought a shipload of medical supplies. Not much cargo can fit into the Cutlass, but still enough. In any case, it was quite a fortune what was in my cargo hold.

Since the New Babbage landing zone was closed, I flew to Port Tressler, the orbital station of Microtech. Here I wanted to sell my load of medical supplies. I assumed that it would be brought to the planet from there.

When I arrived in the admin office, I was shocked. My ship and the entire cargo was confiscated. Suspected smuggling. The investigation would take longer.

WTF…,Now I was here without a ship, almost no money. Completely baffled I looked at the tree in front of the admin office. He jutted up like he was showing me the finger.

Holy shit. I wanted to do something good and then this happened. Well, actually I always did good. I brought people what they needed, even if it was forbidden. I decided to wait in the food mall

A woman sat next to me in a snack bar and spoke to me. I was annoyed and didn’t want to be hit on. Then she spoke of a transshipment point on the roofs of New Babbage. Now she had my attention.

Whenever a demand was not officially met, there was a black market. So it was here. When I got my ship back I flew to the surface to New Babbage. On Port Tressler I could only sell 800 units of medical supplies, I had 4600 loaded.

I flew to the coordinates I had received from the woman. I was not surprised when I find out that I had to land on the roof of the Shubin Mining building. Shubin Mining kept popping up when it came to dodgy actions.

I couldn’t get into the building, the door was sealed. I parked my cargo on the roof and flew back to Port Olisar. A little later I got a transfer. Transaction completed.