Log #48 – Smuggling from Levski to Stanton

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A double smuggling job took me back to the Stanton system.

The stricter laws in the Stanton system had also changed Levski. From here many goods were smuggled into the Stanton system, which could not be traded there freely. I quickly got a request to bring a box unnoticed to a black market on Hurston. I officially declared the flight as Minerals Transport and filled the cargo hold with quartz.

Shortly before my departure, Wallace contacted me. He asked me to bring a small package to Yela. I thought, why not. A few extra credits could not hurt.

Without any problems and without a security check I reached the stash house on Yela. I brought Wallace’s package into the building. To my surprise everything here was full of different boxes. Many not quite legal goods. I wondered if I should take some with me. No one would notice in this chaos here if something was missing. I considered. There was nobody at the moment. The risk, however, was high that suddenly someone appeared.

The temptation was too great, I could not resist. I stowed two pallets of sealed packets between the quartz in the Cutlass. I did not know what it was. But it looked like the drug packages that were also around Wallace. I was convinced that I could sell this at a high price.

I flew on to Hurston. Suddenly the ship shooked. I was pulled out of the Quantum flight. Did anyone notice that I had taken something with me? I already saw a horde of pirate ships falling over me. Relieved, I saw that it was the security. I stopped my Cutlass. Then it ran freezing down my back. If they noticed the drugs or the box of smuggled goods during the scan, I would be in serious problems.

But then came the message I could continue flying. Did the quartz block the scan? Confused, I flew on. I delivered the box from Levski to a junkyard on Hurston. My second job was done. But they did not want to buy the pallets from the stash house on Yela. What kind of black market was that? They had advertised that no questions would be asked. And then they did not buy that stuff from me. That would not have happened on the black market in my homeland on Ashana.

I flew on to Loreville to sell the quartz. In the CBD I was able to sell it for a good price. And to my surprise, the pallets from Yela were also bought. It turned out that it were Revenant Tree Polls. They were not illegal. But they were the basis for the production of Altruciatoxin. No idea what the dealers on Hurston wanted to do with them.