Log #47 – In an 890 Jump to Levski

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I got the opportunity to fly to Levski in an 890 Jump.

I met a crew at the G-Loc Bar in Area18. They had to make a ferry flight with an 890 Jump. We had a decent drinking. Somehow I persuaded them to take me along and settle on Levski.

This was my chance to go to Levski in style and get my Cutlass. And then finally live a life between the worlds again. I was sick of sitting in one place and doing the same every day.

I took my Prospector to Port Olisar. There, the crew picked me up. I was picked up on the pad with an 85X. This little ship was a statement for its own.

The approach to the 890 Jump was incredible. This ship was so big and elegant. An oasis of luxury in the black of spaces.

The gigantic hangar gates choked on the small 85X, like the mouth of a whale the plankton.
The hangar was so big that my Cutlass would probably fit into it.

The atrium was several levels high. It had a glass roof, with a beautiful view of the stars. I got goose bumps at the sight.

The minimal crew had to make some repairs and cleanings before handing over to the new owner. So they had no time for me. I chased time and cooked something to eat. I had some problems finding my way around. The kitchen was larger than the sleeping area in my cutlass.

I wanted to eat with a view of the stars. I took the elevator upstairs and sat at the head of the large conference table. So that was the point of view of the company bosses. No wonder they were strange and detached. My dislike of rulers grew.

After lunch I sat down at the bar. It was kind of weird to sit alone at the bar. But there was enough to drink. I drank in freedom, the vastness of space, free trade, free thought, drinking, and my eyes blurred.

At some point, my private and wet happy party felt very wet. My thoughts and my eyes became clearer again. At first I had problems orienting myself. I was not in the bar and I did not have any clothes on. Somehow I ended up in the pool. Next to me was a bottle of champagne. My head was buzzing. Ok, that was too much.

It was not long before we reached the orbit of Delamar. It went much faster than my previous flights. Since the 890 Jump could not land in Levski, I was brought to the surface with the 85X.

It was a great feeling to be in Levski again. Big cities, luxury, many people, that was not for me. I liked the loneliness and the simple life.