Log #46 – Mining, ArcCorp, Yearning

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I tried my mining luck on the moons of ArcCorp. The only thing I got was longing.

For days I was traveling on the moon Wala. Slowly the supplies came to an end. On Loreville they had told me that there should be huge crystals on Wala. I flew to ArcCorp with my Prospector and started searching on the Moon Wala.

I found some crystals, but only very small ones. I did not find any big ones. Slowly matured the idea that the stories of the huge crystals were just fairy tales. Campfire stories told to impress. And with each story, the crystals got bigger.

I found interesting looking rocks to mine. But I had no big profit. Wala was not the ideal moon for mining.

Big was the city on ArcCorp. A city that covered the whole planet. In Area18 I got a mining license and a Hab to sleep without problems .

The flight over the city was impressive, especially when the sun was low.

After Wala did not succeed, I tried my mining luck on the second moon Lyria. A cold place where I was already cold when I looked only from the cockpit window. The landscape and ice geysers were impressive. After all, I found some Bexalite, but nothing in high concentration.

Mining with the Prospector was not worthwhile here. It took too long to fly from Area18 to the moons and back. I consumed too much fuel. The profit with the ores was too small.

I also often had encounters with pirates. Some even occupied the spaceport. This place was not suitable for peaceful mining with a small ship.

In addition, life in the city was expensive. It was hectic. It was loud. The tall houses and the constant advertising crushed me.

The yearning for the vastness of the universe, for emptiness, freedom and discovery filled me more and more. Then I caught myself standing in front of the same billboard again and again. In front of a Crusader Mercury Starrunner. I wanted this ship. All I had was the feeling that I had to wait a long time until I could fly the Mercury.