Log #45 – Less luck in mining.

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My search for Bexalite has been less and less successful.

I was again looking for Bexalite. This time completely legal. At first it was going well. I travelled between Arial and Hurston quite often.

Over time, however, I found fewer and fewer rocks with Bexalite, or only some with low concentration. I did not want to break the other stuff. If I did not find anything, I sometimes mined Hephaestanite.

During a tour, I was so concentrated on Bexalite that I did not consider other ores, and did not pay attention to the instruments. I even ignored warning tones. And suddenly I realized that my fuel was almost empty. My ore bags were also almost empty. I flew to an outpost. But they did not want to refuel my ship there. My luck dwindled.

Over time, the harsh conditions on Arial gnawed at the material. My mining laser began to corrode. I tried to take care of him locally. But I did not succeed. And then my scanner started displaying phantoms. I was shown ore occurrences where none were.

The luck had finally left me. I have been in that dirty place of Loreville way too long. A new plan was necessary. I had to think about what to do next.