Log #34 – Looking for Tecia Pacheco

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I was looking for rumors at the Rest Stops, hoping to get informations about Tecia Pacheco. And I tried to sell some drugs.

My plan was to listen to rumors at the Rest Stops. I had the hope to learn something about Tecia Pacheco on this way. Above all, I wanted to know where I could find her. I had to talk to her to find out why she was on the same list as Kylo. I needed something that I could exchange for informations. And I felt that the informations I needed would be expensive.

The best barter I could get was in Jumptown. For a while I had not heard anything about battles. I decided to take the risk and flew to Jumptown. As I approached Jumptown, the tension increased. Was everything really quiet? I activated the scanner and sent a ping. It took a few seconds for the scanner to spool and the ping to be sent. It seemed like hours. There was no signal, I seemed to be alone. Nevertheless, my tension remained.

I landed in front of the outpost and did not shut down the engines. Just in case I had to leave quickly. There was nobody in the building either. I went to the trading terminal. The stocks were full. And they had something new: SLAM.

I was able to fully load the Cutlass. That was rare. However, the goods were no longer camouflaged. So far everything was packed in boxes for Medical Supply and Agricultural Supply. Now the drugs were lashed on pallets. One look was enough to see what was in the cargo hold. I shrugged my shoulders. Since I had never been checked in flight, that should not be a problem.

I flew to the first Rest Stop. There were many people here. But no one had heard the name Tecia Pacheco. Not the smallest hint. And I could hardly sell anything from my drugs. 500 Units Altruciatoxin, 150 Units WiDoW and nobody did want the SLAM. That was frustrating.

I flew on to the next Rest Stop. During the Quantum flight, I wondered if I was up to something. Was it realistic just to ask people if they knew someone who was on a kill list? Suddenly an alarm sounded, the ship was shaken. Luckily I was strapped, otherwise I would have fallen from the pilot’s seat. I was pulled out of the Quantum flight. Were it pirates? Or did I ask too many questions and killers were after me? To my surprise, it was Crusader Security. The initial relief gave way to a shock. When the came on board I was lost. I gave full throttle. Strangely, they did not haunt me.

I started the quantum drive again and reached the next Rest Stop. Drug sales were even more difficult here. A little Altruciatoxin, no WiDoW and no SLAM wanted to change hands. But I met someone who could say something about Tecia Pacheco. She had been a member of BlacJac Security on Arc Corp. However, she had changed sides and was now trading drugs. That made sense. Kylo had also traded drugs. Both were on the same list. There was definitely a connection. The track was good. My contact said I should try my luck in Area18 on Arc Corp. But before that, I had to get rid of my drugs.