Log #33 – A wreck with loot and memories

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I looted a wreck and decided to follow a trace.

On Port Olisar I reported the loss of my Cyclone to the insurance company. In the waiting area, I picked up talks about a crashed Freelancer. It had loaded valuable cargo and crashed on Daymar. If I was fast enough, I could definitely get some of the cargo. That was a good opportunity.

I left immediately. The wreck lay in a flat region of Daymar. It was day, a strong wind whipped the sand through the air. The Freelancer was broken into several pieces. Light flares marked the crash site. I guess I was not the first one here. But nobody was there anymore. Even the radar showed nothing in the area.

The only people I found was the dead crew. Every help came too late. I searched the wreck for remnants of the cargo. Plunderers had already taken most of it.

I found an opening through which I could crawl inside the wreckage. The bent metal braces of the Freelancer crunched in the wind. The hull made frightening noises that echoed inside the ship. A queasy feeling spread in me. In the cargo hold I could find a few boxes.

The plunderer that were here befor, were probably in a great hurry. They had not cleared the hard-to-reach parts. That was my luck. I brought the loot to my Cutlass. It was not much, but at least I could still earn some credits.

The wind had meanwhile subsided. The sun was already low. I sat in front of my cargo ramp in the sand and enjoyed the peace. This sandy desert reminded me of my home planet Ashana. Memories came up. A sudden emptiness was in me. Then I remembered the list from the Shubin Mining Outpost. And to the name on the list: Tecia Pacheco. I had to find this woman. She was on the same list as Kylo. That was the best trace I’ve ever had. I decided to fly to a rest stop. These were the best places to get informations and rumors from the whole system. Maybe someone had already heard the name there.