Log #108 – Project ENOS – The analysis

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After the failed operation to smuggle a person out of Microtech, I tried to analyze the background. Abysses opened up.

The wind drove hot air over Daymar’s surface. Grains of sand pelted against the armor. Chhris stood among the rubble of the junkyard, flanked by two heavily armed, fearsome-looking mercenaries. Helldiver. What the hell….

The attempt to smuggle Xedan Thormento away from Microtech had failed. After the smuggling operation gone wrong, I had returned to Port Tressler in a hurry. I needed the computers of the ‘White Rabbit’ to analyze the available information. Through the analysis I had a pretty good picture, but still many unanswered questions. Brubacker and Chhris were pissed off. They wanted to know why they had been imprisoned by Thane McMarshall and kidnapped by TYR during the operation. We set up a meeting with Thane McMarshall and Kjeld Stormarnson. Brubacker and I picked them up on Port Olisar and flew with the ‘White Rabbit’ to a neutral location where Chhris would wait.

There we were. All gathered, in the sand, on the junkyard from Moon Daymar. The location of the meeting irritated Thane and Kjeld, me the fact that Chhris was flanked by two Helldivers. Chhris had hired the Helldivers to secure the meeting. Brubacker was beside himself. Words bubbled out of him like a wildly foaming river. Kjeld said little, Thane tried to explain what had happened in the failed operation.  Brubacker barely listened. He kept asking the same question. “Are you telling the truth? Do you really want to cooperate with us?” I feared Brubacker was about to go for Thane’s throat. We weren’t getting anywhere like that.

I tried to ask pointed questions and reported my analyses. “Zero you are too trusting. They’re screwing with us. What is this, a coffee party?” Brubacker blurted out. He was interrupted by the thunder of a fighter flying over our heads. Several Helldiver fighters circled over the junkyard, securing the airspace. Brubacker was hard to contain. Chhris, on the other hand, was mollified after an apology from Thane.

Temperatures were rising higher and higher. The midday heat of Daymar was approaching. For a long time we could not stay outside. Only slowly we made progress. Piece by piece, a picture was forming about what had happened during the failed operation. It was confusing and somehow made no sense. Finally, we agreed to work together and solve the mystery together. Together we left the heat of Daymar. At a bar, we shared all the information we had and tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We knew with a fair amount of certainty that Project Enos was a bioweapon that was being developed in secret. The agents of the bioweapon were tested on dead Vanduul bodies, the VARPS. The initiator of the project was Professor Mobi, who was supported by Microtech. Presumably, the weapon was to be developed for the fight against the Vanduul. However, there were several factions interested in the weapon to consolidate their own power. Professor Mobi died in an accident, in his laboratory on the moon Clio. 

However, someone continued the project. But then the project threatened to become public. Crusader Security began investigating after several people on the moon Celin fell ill due to an unknown pathogen. These persons were shortly before in the planet system Microtech. Presumably it was the ENOS pathogen.  Xedan Thormento also seemed to have information that put him in danger. That’s why he wanted to get away from Microtech. Thane, with the help of Kjeld and TYR, wanted to smuggle Xedan out of the system. 

Then events started to unfold. GBC and the Yellowhands were ordered by an unknown force to capture Xedan, but not to kill him. The motivation of the principals was a mystery to me. Even before we could smuggle Xedan out, Thane, Kjeld and Xedan were kidnapped by GBC and taken to Security Post Kareah. The Yellowhands were already waiting there, but they knew nothing about GBC. Until then, everything was still non-violent. But then the Helldivers arrived. Assuming a violent hostage situation, they stormed Security Post Kareah to free Kjeld, Thane and Xedan. Kjeld could not call them off because his radio was jammed.

Someone with great power and money was pulling strings in the background, playing us off against each other. I had no idea who. It was also unclear to me what the connection was to the MTX1 chips. I only knew that the conspiracy in the Stanton system was much bigger than I thought and that Xedan had disappeared.

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