Log #101 – Comm Array Hack

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I tried to listen in on conversations to learn more about the Stanton plot. To do this, I had to implement an audacious plan.

I wanted to find out the truth about the plot in the Stanton system. Only where should I start? Chhris was following up on the scandal at Microtech. I decided to fly to the planet Hurston to find out more about the crashed killer satellite.

I met with the activists in Loreville. However, they didn’t know any more either. We thought about how we could get more information. The best way seemed to us to listen in on conversations, right in the center of Hurston Dynamics. The only question was how. Hurstons headquater was heavily secured and we didn’t know anyone who had access.

Then Constantine Hurston came to our mind. He was part of the Hurston family clan and had his office in Loreville’s Central Business District. We had access to that area. The plan was to place a listening device in his office. However, we couldn’t just walk in, we had to wait for a good opportunity. For days we staked out his office. It was desperate, he never left his office, worked day and night. 

Then we had a new idea, the plan was audacious. We wanted to place the listening device in the communications satellite orbiting the planet Hurston. This way we could listen to all communications. However, the area around the satellite was restricted and the satellite’s systems had to be hacked to install the listening device. It was my job to perform the hack.

I had positioned the “White Rabbit” 5 km away from the satellite. As soon as I was closer, I got a warning message that I was entering restricted area. Even in EVA, I couldn’t get any closer without a warning. It didn’t seem possible to get into the satellite unnoticed.

I had no choice and ignored the warnings. I parked the Star Runner directly at the satellite so that it could not be fired at by the defense turrets. I had no idea if this was working. If things went badly, security forces would come, and then the “White Rabbit” would be defenseless. 

I left the spacecraft and went into the EVA. I floated into the satellite through the maintenance shaft. Now things had to move quickly. Security forces could appear at any time. I was extremely tense. At the control terminal, inside the satellite, I started the hack.

The hacking tool began its work. On the screen, I could observe the progress. The progress bar was moving forward slowly. I started chewing my lips. Again and again I looked at the entrance to see if someone was coming to stop me. My nervousness increased simultaneously with the progress bar.

Then it happened. The light in the satellite changed to red. It was like an alert. I looked again at the entrance. Nobody was to be seen. The satellite was offline, I had root access. After I installed the listening device, I covered my tracks. I made it look like a system failure; a maintenance technician would not readily notice the changes.

Once back at the “White Rabbit”, I positioned myself a short distance away. Using the Star Runner’s communications dish, I connected to the listening device in the satellite. It worked. The listening device recorded autonomously, the communication conducted via the satellite. I could come by regularly and download the recorded conversations from a safe distance. I sent Brubacker a message to let him know about the hack.  Now I had to wait for a big fish to come into the net.