The Beginnings Part 1 – Start in the NUL system

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The beginnings, how everything started and where I come from.

My name is Zero Sense. I was born on the desert planet Ashana in the Nul system. The black market in the wreck of the crashed Olympus was my playground in my childhood. Throughout my life, I was surrounded by shady characters, righteous people, and an aversion to the Empire. These experiences have shaped my life.

Neither me, nor the other people on Ashana, want to be prescribed by the UEE, as they have to live. However, the gangster lords dictated what I had to do and what to do not. Not better either. Driven by a desire for a better, more independent life and a spirit of discovery, I did my best to get away from this huge sandbox.

In order to earn money, I executed orders, ran errands and hired on a salvaging ship.
At some point I had the money together to afford a transfer on a transport ship. Only where? The UEE areas were out of the question. I’m not a pirate, not a bad person either, but the UEE does not consider me a righteous citizen. But I also did not want to go to a pirate area and the alien areas were too far away.

While studying the Ark Starmap I found the Nyx system. There the planetoid Delamar is hidden in the asteroid belt. On it is Levski, a former mining station, which today is occupied by anti-UEE activists. Exactly the right place for me. On the black market, I met the captain of a freelancer, who transported goods to Levski. He was ready to take me for a fee.

Thus begins my journey into an unknown future.